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Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing 2021

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

This course acts as a pre-requisite for the 4 week Beaver Works Summer Institute Autonomous UAV course. The expectation is that students understand and are comfortable with the basics covered in this course before they undertake the summer course. This online curriculum contains the foundational knowledge required for learning the techniques and algorithms that will be covered during the Summer Institute course. Online students will learn the basic mathematical principles and computer skills that are required for designing algorithms and writing software for autonomous quadrotor platforms. After these basic lessons are completed, the online material will cover specific skills required for the autonomous navigation of a quadrotor. This material will be reinforced through the use of an online quadrotor simulator and other online exercises. At the completion of this online curriculum, students will be prepared to complete the exercises and projects that will be presented during the 4 week Beaver Works Summer Institute Autonomous UAV course.


A willingness to learn and ability to apply mathematical and programming concepts to real-world problems.

Important Dates

  • Jan. 15: Enrollment opens
  • Feb. 1: Course starts
  • March 31: Applications for summer due
  • Apr. 30: Applicants notified of summer acceptance

Course Staff

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Nathaniel Hanson

Nathaniel has been building (and crashing) drones since he was a high school students. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Notre Dame where he was a proud member of the Band of the Fighting Irish. In college, he researched software architectures for safe drone communication and developed new network configurations to enable beyond visual line of sight for drones. He continues to research the application of technology to humanitarian problems at MIT. In his free time he enjoys biking and skiing.
He is also pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering at Northeastern University.

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Kendrick Cancio

Kendrick holds an M.Eng. in Operations Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University with a minor in Physics. His interest in optimization and physical systems led him to pursue Controls Engineering through additional coursework (and teaching) while working full-time at MIT on LIDAR computer vision and schedule optimization problems. On his free time, he loves playing videogames, basketball, and watching motorsports. Being Puerto Rican, he is also fond of warm weather, sunshine, beaches, and tostones 🤤.

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