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Build A CubeSat 2022

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

CubeSats were orginally designed to be a low cost way to teach students about satellites. Now they are a popular (and relatively cheap!) tool for researchers and industry to send equipment to space. In the CubeSat Course, we are partnering with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to learn how scientists use CubeSats to study the Earth and track changes in the ocean. Students will team up to build and test a prototype CubeSat. At the end of the summer, teams will compete to see whose satellite best accomplishes their science mission.

In preparation for the full summer program, this course introduces the basics of CubeSats and the development tools needed to build a working system.

Important Dates

  • Jan. 15: Enrollment opens
  • Feb. 1: Course starts
  • March 31: Applications for summer due [Modules 1-3 must be completed]
  • Apr. 30: Applicants notified of summer acceptance

Course Staff

Dr. Rebecca Keenan

Rebecca is Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Paul Fucile

Paul is research staff at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

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